Metal Innovation srl

Innovators in the field of metal accessories

Metal fashion accessories for the Luxury sector

A Florentine company founded in 2015, Metal Innovation is specialized in the commercialization of a wide range of the latest generation of high quality metal accessories for the Luxury sector. Despite being founded recently, the company stands out thanks to the thirty-year-long experience in the small metal finding sector of some of its members.

Metal Innovation uses a direct network of trusted suppliers with whom it experiments new solutions to create unique and customized products, ensuring direct quality control and prompt production. Each partner is a market leader in its field of reference: prototyping, steel, brass, zama,  moulds, electroplating and PVD. Metal  Innovation makes innovation its strong point and, thanks to experience and intuition, the company has wagered on using steel coupled with PVD to produce high quality accessories that are also very durable: 316L stainless steel does not release nickel and is lead-free.

Moreover, it guarantees excellent performance in contact with leather, is non- magnetic, and has a greater mechanical resistance compared to zama and brass, of which it is also more flexible and lighter. On its part, PVD contributes by offering greater resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and through its application, it is possible to deposit materials that would not be possible with electroplating (titanium nitride and titanium carbide are among them). That which you obtain with the use of PVD is a ceramic compound that cannot be obtained with electroplating, enabling the product to maintain a high quality finish that remains unchanged over time.

Metal Innovation srl

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