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We have a passione: Faith

Faith, trust in every day, faith meaning power and become love, a universal and pure love. Faith that joins many milion of people. AMEN is the desire of giving word of faith as gift to be ever close to people we love, giving a sense of protection, wellness, and feeling to be never alone.

AMEN idea was born in 2012 and it’s the brainwave of a young businessman: Giovanni Licastro. He dreams up a jewellery made of words. At the beginning AMEN project was based on words of faith, words that accompany the childwood and remain in the mind of everyone all life long. Faith affects the soul of every person. Faith is solace, remember, tale, hope, happiness.

AMEN name was choosen for the meaning of the word: truth, certainty. The sound is enjoyable, homely and every country of the world recognize it. AMEN is a word easy to remember. The payoff  “your faith, your spirituality” meaning a contemporary concept of faith. Faith is a choice of awareness, of belonging.  The AMEN collection includes faith as concept of love, love toward the partner, the children, friends and people we care.

The AMEN bracelet is not only a symbol of belonging, solace, and protection, but it’s a fashion accessory, a must have for both man and woman. It’s a creative jewelry, well finished in all details: the innovative magnetic lock in steel, the etching of the words, the material selection, the real leather, the precious beads made in Murano, the fashion colors code. The value of a product completly realized MADE IN ITALY.

Amen - Croce del Sud

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