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Experience and innovation for Made in Italy embroidery

The story of Marescadue Srl, located in Scandicci for over 40 years, begins with the courage, skill and passion of Bianca Maresca. Already an embroiderer in the late 1950s at a famous Florentine linen company, she decided to start her own business in the early 1970s, initially from her home, together with her eldest daughter Stefania.

The company, which used manual embroidery machinery, grew rapidly and later also welcomed Bianca’s youngest daughter Silvana, and Claudio, an embroidery machine mechanic. Thanks to her perseverance and the great artisan expertise, within a few years the company managed to enter the clothing sector and used a network of cottage industry workers who were taught the machine embroidery profession.

Today, Marescadue Srl combines the past with the future, the strength of experience with the pursuit of innovation. Thanks to investments in technology and the purchase of electronic industrial machines, she has expanded her range of embroidery. Besides clothing, the company also works with leather goods, where the material can be customized with quilting, embroidered logos, patterns in relief, and applications, thus becoming a point of reference in the sector.

The company works with embroidery starting from the drafting of designs to prototyping and sampling, up to production. Marescadue Srl is particularly esteemed for the processing of elasticized parts in fabric or for leather garments, such as fringes for jacket bottoms, cuffs, or biker jacket components.

The company is family owned and has a staff of 15 people. Despite being an industrial embroidery company, it defines itself as artisanal because the product is the result of an inseparable mix of cognitive skills, ingenuity and manual ability, supported by the use of innovative machinery capable of creating specialty stitching and sustaining fast production rates.

The fundamental ingredients of the company are experience and innovation, commitment and the desire to create a product to be proud of. Thanks to Stefania (meticulous designer, punch technician and embroiderer), Claudio (programmer, technician and mechanic), their daughters and all the special people that make up the company, wanting to pursue this ambition, they have all contributed to making Marescadue what it is: one big family.

Marescadue srl

Via Benozzo Gozzoli 5/8
50018 Scandicci (FI)
Tel 055.7310512


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