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“BAM”, the new Colzi Srl trademark

For 75 years the Colzi Srl company, located in Scandicci, has been the point of reference for Italian and international leather goods manufacturers aimed at excellence.

To stay at the top, innovation must be constant, so we met with Andrea Colzi, owner and third generation of the company (with a fourth on the launching pad), who illustrated the latest important news regarding the family business.

 Mr. Colzi, what is the upcoming news regarding your company?

«For the first time in our history, we have decided to produce a line of machinery that bears our own trademark. The brand will be called “BAM” and is about to be launched on the market. The technical construction will be entrusted to the skilled hands of the Prezzolini Automazioni company, with which we have established a collaborative partnership. We realized that the standard machinery now available on the market no longer meets the needs of the end users. Production systems are veering towards lean production, therefore we will offer 100% customized machinery starting with the design from scratch. In addition, given the growing trend of Luxury brands to internalise their production, owning a brand can make a difference in the upcoming years».

 Is there already a first range of machinery ready for sale?

«We have already created a first line related to colour processing: dryers, sanders, edge burnishers, and colour machines. For example, among other innovations, we designed a dryer to dry the ribs of bags at low temperatures. This system enables the Italian bag manufacturers to not to alter the quality of the leather, otherwise at risk during such a delicate process. The “BAM” trademark will be entrusted to a group of carefully selected serious and qualified dealers with whom we reserve control of prices».

 What distinguishes you from the competitors in your industry?

«Today, many of the companies that design and sell machinery for leather goods production rely on distributors that are not experts in this sector. Unfortunately, there are very few experts working in the purchasing departments capable of understanding that the sale of machinery is closely related to post-sales service and not solely focused on the best market price. This is why I am certain that the price and service we offer are the best in this market. We provide an expertise that has been honed during a lifetime of work, so we have the right sensibility to interpret the technical needs of each client».

 Despite the launch of your trademark, will you still be retailers for the best brands of machinery?

«Yes, in fact our partnership will be further strengthened. We are already trying to involve them in the development of our future projects».


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