Pelletterie Giancarlo srl

Innovation and research for a Made in Italy of excellence

Pelletterie Giancarlo was founded in 1978 by Giancarlo Ciampi, a “leather goods maestro” who  attained his experience from his work within outstanding companies.

The company, which is located in the leather production centre of Scandicci, is now a point of reference for major national and international Luxury brands.

Thanks to the collaboration, experience and expertise of more than 60 employees and a network of subcontractors, which counts about 200 operators, the company is able to offer an endless array of leather goods of exclusively Made in Italy excellence, combining elegance, quality and attention to detail.

The company takes care of every stage of the production cycle: from design to leather cutting, from assembly to controls of the finished product. Pelletterie Giancarlo combines the art of leather artisanship, handed down from generation to generation, with the use of modern technology to meet the new market logic, which is decidedly much more industrial, without overlooking the exquisite essence of handmade leather goods.

It is thanks to this combination, the continuous investments, collaborations in technology and Research and Development, and professional training with private entities such as the Università degli Studi di Firenze, Confindustria Firenze, and Alta Scuola della Pelletteria in Scandicci, that the company has implemented new production techniques and process optimization.

In particular, it has introduced an innovative production method based on “lean” concepts to its production cycle and has adopted a new ICT structure and a management software that have made the company's production leaner, more efficient and better integrated. The company’s vision is so projected towards the future that in 2011 it promoted, as a leading company, the creation of a new form of aggregation between companies: the Network Contract. Hence, the (Pellettieri rete Giancarlo) network came to be.

It was listed among the top network contracts established at the national level and is composed of seven companies that, through a management that favours investments in Research and Development, management systems and training, it works towards achieving important objectives such as: the consolidation of the productive sector in the territory, the development of the industry on the national and international markets , increasing and constant attention paid to occupational safety protocols, the environmental impact of the production sites, and specialized training of staff.

Pelletterie Giancarlo srl

Via del Padule 14A
50010 Scandicci (FI)
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