C&G Depurazione Industriale srl

Sustainable technologies for the treatment of industrial wastewater and the recovery of water as a raw/secondary material

A wide selection of machines for small and multinational manufacturers, with customised solutions and customer support from design to after-sales service 


The C&G Depurazione Industriale company has forty years of experience in the industrial wastewater treatment sector. Founded to meet the demands of the galvanic industry, it then began to deal with the treatment of industrial waste in the printing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and food sectors. The C&G company follows the client from the technical design to the creation of the equipment, with customised solutions and efficient after-sales service.


The high level of technological innovation of the products, all of which meet 4.0 Industry requirements, is complemented by a team of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians. Moreover, the company’s staff is connected online with distributors, clients, and suppliers, thus being able to respond quickly and specifically to every request. The C&G company has a wide selection of models, with machines of reduced size and cost for small manufacturers and larger, more expensive and efficient machines for multinationals. 

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