BB Spa

When accessories become indispensable

BB S.p.A. is a company that manufactures metallic and non-metallic, high quality accessories for the leading brands on the Luxury market.

Founded in the year 2000, it started as a very small company with just two employees and has quickly grown in recent years to reaching a workforce of about 500 operators, considering that approximately 250 are direct employees and the same number is employed in ancillary industries.  

Thanks to the synergy with other companies in the BB Holding, the company is capable of offering a service that covers the entire production cycle of accessories for Luxury goods. BB S.p.A. assists its clients from the design to the project and creation of the prototype, or in the creation of a valuable unique piece, up to the industrialization of the final product on a large scale.

The end result therefore perfectly conforms to the wishes of the client, who can order specifications and follow the various stages of production as it unfolds, or alternatively, count entirely on the complete and reliable proposal provided by BB.

The innovativeness of the production units and the continuous growth of the company’s machinery inventory, in addition to the development of professional skills resulting from collaborations with the universities, enable BB S.p.A. to satisfy any customer request quickly, while always maintaining a high standard of quality, both in small and large production quantities.

To guarantee the highest quality of every accessory, BB S.p.A carries out rigorous and constant controls throughout the production process.

Thanks to its special equipment, the quality control laboratory does stress and wear testing, in addition to other specific types of testing in relation to the characteristics of the object. Among other things, the designers use the most modern CAD CAM software for their designs and rapid prototyping.

Finally, the sample department allows the client to accurately monitor the entire project development cycle.

However, what makes the difference, as always, are the people: even before the integrated structure and cutting-edge equipment, the real added value of BB S.p.A is its collaborators. Because no technological evolution could ever replace the passion and expertise of those who love their work.

For these reasons, BB S.p.A is the most reliable partner for the creation of high quality accessories with attention paid to every detail: versatile, efficient and aesthetically perfect. Because even accessories can become indispensable.

BB Spa

Via A. Gaddi 3
59100 Prato (PO)
Tel 055.8874644


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