Imaginalis srl

Science applied to the leather manufacturing industry

Imaginalis S.r.l, a Florentine company founded in 2013, is the result of a network project led by El.En. S.p.A. in the cluster of opto-mechatronics – co-financed by the Region of Tuscany, for innovation and the transferring of technology. The project’s result is the development of an innovative high-resolution 3D CT imaging technology for stratigraphic analysis.

Today, the Imaginalis S.r.l company is thriving, with 23 employees and a turnover that is approximately 6.5 million Euro. The Imaginalis reference market is the American veterinary sector, but the company is starting to take advantage of the versatility of their systems to apply them to new sectors. Exploiting the characteristics of non-destructive testing, 3D CT scans done with Imaginalis machines find a perfect position in the leather-manufacturing sector. X-ray machines produce high-resolution scans (10-5 m: one tenth of a millimetre) for extremely reliable 3D rendering. It is especially suitable for controlling leather from the tanneries to product prototyping.

The CT systems developed by Imaginalis use radiation at a minor intensity compared to CT machines in hospitals, therefore protecting the operator's safety. They are also user-friendly devices, whose purchase, installation and maintenance costs are lower than traditional medical CT machines. The ‘remote’ system comes full circle: the CT machine is connected online which, in most cases, makes the execution of timely interventions and resolution of problems in real time possible, directly from the company.

Imaginalis srl

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