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Fusing machines for textiles and leather

Professionalism and innovation for over 50 years

Martin Group, a leader in the production of fusing machines, is a consolidated company that employs 80 workers, without considering the satellite companies that are involved in marketing and service assistance around the world.

Martin Group produces more than thirty models of high-tech Italian thermo- adhesive presses, destining more than half of its production to export. Martin Group machinery plays an important role in the field of leather goods, footwear and leather garments. The rotating or drawer plate machinery is particularly valued by Luxury brands worldwide, because they reduce the processing temperature by 10- 15 degrees: a significant advantage in terms of energy savings and in terms of finished product quality, given the extreme sensitivity of fine leather.

Martin Group will present its X series equipped with a TCX control panel with function control and diagnostics, storing adhesive parameters and technical information online. Here, 4.0 technology is the top in the field, as it is also possible to connect online with the machine and have the control panel on any electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, PC, notebook). In this way, the machine’s parameters can be set directly from the office or offsite, the quantity of parts produced can be kept under control, energy consumption can be monitored, and the data can be ready for invoicing the client.

By integrating this vast availability of data with its own management, it is possible to get the most from 4.0 technology from both a production and quality point of view, as from an administrative and managerial one. Martin Group will also present the new small OLX fusing machines in an exclusive preview. Available in 620 mm and 900 mm widths, it is very versatile and compact, perfect for any type of leather.

A valid solution for those who need an adhesive machine to move around according to necessity. The OLX is in fact equipped with wheels to allow it to be moved.

The accurate post-sales support and field experience gained by the Martin Group team close the circle of a meticulous task, a characteristic that unites technological quality with commercial aspects.

Martin Group srl

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