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Building a machine is like making a custom-made suit.

Technology within everyone’s reach

This is the everyday philosophy that guides all our activities.

Cerbero is a Tuscan manufacturer of 100% Made in Italy machinery for leather goods production whose primary objective is to create technology that “resolves problems”. From simpler and minor processes to more challenging and complex ones.

 The client plays an integral role

Implementing this simple philosophy requires a constant commitment and listening attentively to clients’ difficulties and needs.

This is why we are always directly present, involving our leather goods manufacturing clients near us, and the collaborators that distribute our machinery, in the entire process of creating a new product or improving an existing one.

A clear example of our machinery is “Leonardo”, a simple yet completely automated full bonding machine.   

A solid and resistant structure, equipped with a series of three extractor fans dedicated to capturing overspray.

Leonardo is the only machine of its kind equipped with an infrared drying system for bonded materials.

The drying of treated materials is carried out with maximum efficiency. In fact, the shortwaves of the infrared lights act directly on the water contained in the adhesive leading to a rapid evaporation, respecting both the treated materials (avoiding shrinkage or rolling up) and the adhesive film. In a reduced space, complete drying time is guaranteed, ranging from 5 seconds (for very delicate drying) to 2 seconds (for high production rates).

With these operating times, our infrared system also guarantees considerable energy savings that can reach up to 75% compared to traditional systems.

Equipped with a convenient and user intuitive touch screen interface, Leonardo enables the operator to control all of the working parameters, which can be stored in formulas that can be called up when needed. Particular attention has been paid to maintenance: changing the carpet only takes 5 minutes.


Building a machine is like making a custom-made suit.

Leather goods manufacturing is an artisanal process, carried out with skill and high quality. These are the same features that characterize our products. Each one of our machines is a unique product, built around the client.

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