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Technologically advanced finishings

The story of the Antiba tannery has its roots in a family-run company that was started in the early 1950s by Mario Balducci, one of the founders of the ARNO group. In 1987, his sons Graziano and Paolo assimilated their father’s innovative concepts to continue the tradition, giving life to Antiba and raising it to the level of being one of the sector’s excellences internationally. The rest is recent history.

The Antiba tannery has always been ahead of its time, anticipating the needs of an increasingly more demanding audience with higher performance expectations in terms of durability, resistance, and sustainability.

Until now, all this has represented a kind of contradiction: how can leather maintain its utmost natural expression when performance is so decisive to the success and diversification of the brands on the market?

«Our new finishing technique is the answer – declares the owner, Graziano Balducci – the idea was born during a meeting dedicated to the presentation of a machinery prototype for the production of leathers for luxury car steering wheels, where the priority is suppleness and durability. We decided to replicate the same concept in the fashion tannery: a process of innovative finishing with incremental physical-mechanical characteristics that combine ecological sustainability with the nobility of leather, thus making the difference in performance».

Since then, Antiba has continued to invest in this innovative project: «The results of tests carried out during recent years - continues Mr. Balducci – have surprised and delighted us to the point of continuing to allocate large sums to a project that places the concept of finishing at an advanced step and maintains the quality of the finished product unaltered. Through the realization of this finishing, nothing gets covered, everything is enhanced and lasts the test of time ».

These, in short, are the characteristics that make the new finishings used by Antiba unique:

SUSTAINABILITY: the environmental impact is reduced by 65% ca. thanks to a lower energy consumption and diminished external emissions, including the Carbon Footprint (CF). No solvents are used, only completely water-based products that are innovative and can only be used with this type of process.

DURABILITY AND NATURALNESS: a significant decrease in the quantity of finishing used results in fewer but more resistant products due to the high temperatures the leather is subjected to enhancing its naturalness and quality. Moreover, during the process the leather experiences a stress reduction of 30%.  

UNIFORMITY: the spray on an inert base that passes to high temperatures promotes the leather’s absorption, usually diversified in its entirety during the finishing process. Using this finishing technique, the spray result is even, enhancing the natural aspect of the finished product imparting it with uniformity.

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