GL Formax srl

Machinery and cutting dies for artisan processes 2.0

GLFormax Srl was founded on a common idea that prompted two companies to come together to exponentially increase their respective expertise and offer a variety of unique and innovative products. This is how Formax and Fustellificio GL successfully joined forces in 2004.

Both companies have always made research their strong point and product and process innovation their distinctive characteristic.

GLFormax products are innovative and unique, because the machinery and cutting dies they produce have no equals on the market.

This company principally produces both traditional and special custom designed cutting dies as well as the manufacturing of machinery to support specific artisan processing phases. The desire to create products that are technologically more advanced, of the highest quality and reliability has made GLFormax one of the leading companies in Europe in this sector.

In the range of articles that exclusively distinguish the GLFormax production, we can find re-cutting kits, cutting dies with transparent supports, and machinery for turning and bag assembly.

Every single device produced is created to maximize the profits of its clients’ companies, contributing to decreasing down time and risks during the production process, while increasing the quality of the final product. GLFormax helps leather goods manufacturers by giving them the opportunity to focus exclusively on the most important aspects. Production time constancy and, above all, qualitative continuity by eliminating returned goods are the main effects of using GLFormax tools.

More specifically, this Florentine company constantly puts itself on the line, looking for new solutions to facilitate the various processing steps such as cutting, component assembly (whether they be part of wallets or bags) and final assembly.

Thanks to an experienced and qualified staff, GLFormax is able to interpret the production requirements of each one of its clients. This enables the company to provide highly customized tools and machinery, calibrated to the needs of each client. However, the service does not stop here. Given the well-known difficulties for companies to find skilled technicians, GLFormax creates easy-to-use intuitive tools supported by a video channel dedicated to the training of employees who will be using the new machinery. A modern service, in the spirit of 2.0.

GL Formax srl

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