Bending over backwards for excellence

Verything began inside a garage. Yes, one of those places that we imagine being grey, aseptic, and impersonal. Nonetheless, one of those places where passion and dedication blossomed, transforming a cold parking space in Malmantile into the cradle of one of the most thriving companies of Florentine leather goods: L’Artigiana.

On Adriano Giacomelli’s initiative, up to the arrival of his sons Emanuele and Gabriele, the passing of time has marked the company’s constant evolution, with increasingly sensational numbers: over the past four years, L’Artigiana has grown from 37 to 110 employees.

Moreover, in September 2011, Eden Bag’s, devoted solely to production, became a reality sanctioning the onset of L’Artigiana group. Domino Srl is – for now – the final piece of an impressive ascent, made of passion and willpower, emotions that are reworked into small and large works of art in leather.

In collaboration with Adriano Dedisti, and all his wealth of experience in pattern making, a third company has started-up. An activity dedicated to the design and creation of its own brand of handbags and accessories: “Laboratorio Toscano”.

A brand that expresses the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’, a brand that reflects the Domino company’s desire to go far. 


via delle Vigne, 2
Lastra a Signa - Malmantile (FI)
Tel +39.055.878128


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