Mighty, precise and 100% Italian

Maximum insight in economic management and diversification of its product portfolio, with a common denominator: a vision projected towards the future, which translates into continuous innovation.

This is the current recipe for growth according to the experience of Giuseppe Gallucci, company director of Elitron. He adds, “Boundless passion, responsibility and a certain dose of entrepreneurial fervour should always be present.”

This company in the Marche, manufactures and exports its Made in Italy cutting plotter worldwide, and, as a result, wins for innovation and creativity. It now holds twelve active patents that have changed technology and resolved operators’ problems in a new way. Unlike the 65% of Italian companies that opted for delocalization, Elitron, whose origins are in the so-called ‘Shoe Valley’, a footwear manufacturing area, did not delocalize and chose to invest in the local area. 20 years ago, it was a pioneer in the creation of CAD/CAM systems for leather cutting.

Today, Elitron is considered the national and international cutting specialist.



Via del Commercio 23
Monte Urano (FM)
Tel 0734 842221
Web www.elitron.com


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