FIBEL Group srl

Experience and Research in the Accessory Sector

Nearly forty years of experience, combined with the continuous desire to innovate and specialize, makes Fibel a reliable partner in the accessory sector.

Founded in 1976 by Claudio Bernacchioni and brothers Antonio and Emilio Di Gioia, Fibel produces specific articles for footwear, clothing, handbags and the world of leather goods in general.

The range of materials used is quite vast (zama, brass, aluminium, wood, rodoid, silver ...) and research on colours, galvanic treatments and innovative manufacturing techniques is continuously developed. The entire productive cycle, from design to finished product is done in-house.

The great strength of Fibel, besides developing lines of accessories according to client specifications, is its ability to produce, twice a year, its own collections that are original and exclusive enough to stimulate the stylistic visions of its clients.

In recent years, Fibel has increasingly specialized in accessories for handbags, creating hinges, closures, and whatever else can be related to the handbags themselves.

FIBEL Group srl

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