From Ethics to Proceeds

The values that the market imposes have changed. If up until yesterday, for example in the field of leather goods and fashion, a product had to simply respond to aesthetic and technical requisites, this is no longer the case.

Each product and the supply chain that produces it must also respond, first and foremost, to the environmental and social requisites.

To sell, the processing must not be only beautiful and technically valid: it must demonstrate features such as legality, traceability, transparency and a sound management of emissions and reduction of toxic or harmful chemicals.

This is where 4sustainability originates from: a network created by Process Factory and Brachi Testing Services that aims at integrating the core values of sustainability in the productive fabric of companies. “Good ethics, good business”, is the network's slogan, because in fact, today more than ever, ethical issues are bound to those of business continuity.

Thanks to a unique baggage of knowledge and expertise in the sector, 4sustainability helps companies, brands and production chains define the values that each wants to communicate, guaranteeing the support needed to ensure that their commitments are maintained over time.
Sustainability is the real theme on which to invest in the third millennium, an issue that has exploded with all its potential in the fashion industry.

For this reason, in order to underline the quality of their work and improve wherever needed, 4sustainability guides companies on a path destined to become an essential factor in competitiveness.
Because… good ethics = good business.


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