Romy Pelletterie

Product research and development for High Fashion leather goods

An industry run with artisan skill

All it takes is a visit to the Romy Pelletterie plant to sense an authentic atmosphere. There is a great stir of expert hands: artisanship is the beating heart of Romy Pelletterie, an industry run by Aldo Cappetti, Master Artisan, together with his partners Toni and Moreno.

For over 35 years, the company has specialized in product development for the leather industry and works side by side with the design offices of the most famous Luxury brands.

If there were an adjective to describe the merit of bringing together the strengths of Romy Pelletterie, it would be agility in of all its nuances: offering clear and functional immediate answers, to meet the needs of design offices, quality and speed of service both in terms of production and samples, but above all the ability to be agile in the resolution of any kind of problem.

With a great ability to sense the new and imagine what will come, Romy Pelletterie looks towards where the market is heading and is always ready, in the front row, to ride the wave. “Minor imperfection is the human side of beauty.” Aldo Cappetti.

Romy Pelletterie

Piazza Europa 1
Pian di Scò (AR)
Tel 055 960479


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