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The new packaging frontier

Fromm Imballaggio of San Gimignano is one of the  Italian subsidiaries of Fromm Holding AG, a Swiss  company with offi ces located worldwide, specialized  in luxury packaging systems.

Here,  research  is  our  strong   point  and,  thanks  to  the  ongoing  experiments  with  air cushion  machines  to  fill  gaps  and  protect  objects,  Fromm  has  managed  to  market machines  that  have  completely  revolutionized  packaging  in  the  footwear  and  leather goods  industries.

Gone  are the days of fi lling bags and boots with paper and cardboard as well as no more tasted  time preparing outdated packaging,  hich interrupts  production. By using much less completely  recyclable material, we can help the environment.

Even the producers are quite grateful for the considerable savings to corporate coffers. 

In fact, the packaging manufactured with the new  Fromm air cushion machines consists of 95% air  and 5% recyclable materials.

A nice advantage,  considering that Fromm sells its machinery directly  to its customers  for the production  of this air inflatable  packaging. In  this way, production  can take place  day  to  day without  needlessly   cluttering up warehouses.

Fromm Imballaggio srl

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