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Rival - Colorificio Sammarinese Epolac, high-tech Italian enamel for luxury details

Epolac, high-tech Italian enamel for luxury details Epolac is a high-tech lacquer created in 1970 for colouring small metal parts and precious details for the leather goods and footwear sectors.

The product was created in the laboratories of Rival, a colour manufacturer in Veneto, which recently became part of the Sammarinese Colorificio, a company that has produced environmentally friendly quality paints and enamels for the construction industry and specific niche market since 1944.

Innovation, product customization and ongoing research are the strengths that have enabled Colorificio Sammarinese to position itself in the luxury industry market with this special product called Epolac.

Epolac is a high-gloss enamel, used for decorating accessories such as belt buckles, slide fasteners and zippers, and is available in 150 validated tones of opaque, transparent, iridescent, or metallic colours. Applied to clean surfaces, it adheres perfectly to gold, silver, copper, steel, iron, pewter, aluminium, glass and various plastic materials.

It is durable, odourless, and resistant to galvanic baths, making it an excellent product for setting metalwork or protecting engravings. It catalyses at warm temperatures and can be worked for 40 minutes in small quantities.

It takes 24 hours to air cure or one hour in the oven. Epolac can be smoothed with a sander or sandpaper, re-polished, or worked with a “cathedral” glass effect. It is unsurpassed for its tenacity to grinding. Epolac is safe on the wearer’s skin.

An excellent product in the hands of skilled artisans who, thanks to their experience and creativity, will bring out its best characteristics giving life to accessories and precious details of unmistakable personality.

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