LBS Luxury Brand Services

Advanced analysis solutions

LBS is an accredited laboratory capable of performing quality controls on products made for every fashion sector: clothing, footwear, leather goods, and accessories.

What sets LBS apart from its competitors is its ability to go beyond a simple examination result, providing clients with a qualitative and procedural expertise in various areas of intervention.

Thanks to their vast experience and meticulous preparation, LBS technicians know which realistic situations can be simulated through testing, interpreting collected data to find effective solutions to critical daily problems.

LBS constantly carries out a chemical and toxicological analysis of products and materials in order to assess the impact on the environment and on consumer health. The laboratories also conduct physical and mechanical testing to determine performance parameters, as well as carrying out trials to assess the reaction to the use of the product in advance.

The LBS laboratory uses innovative equipment produced by the best international companies, as well as offering a constant support service, updating and research. These are just a few reasons why LBS represents a reliable choice for a quality control that can address the most demanding international standards.

LBS Luxury Brand Services

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