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Michele Matteoli – President of the Tanners’ Consortium of Ponte a Egola

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Leather&Luxury met with Michele Matteoli, owner of the Conceria Otello and newly elected President of the Tanners’ Consortium of Ponte a Egola, which has been an active association here since 1967.

Mr. Matteoli, why is the Lineapelle trade fair so important to tanneries, and what is the current state of this sector? 

MM: Lineapelle is simply the most important international trade fair dedicated to leather. Participation guarantees visibility and prestige to companies. In addition, at the Consortium level, we often meet with Lineapelle institutions with the aim of making it an increasingly participated and important event. The tannery sector has experienced a decline in the past season due to the Russian crisis and the slowing of the Luxury market. We are however confident of recovery, especially because the euro-dollar exchange benefits our exports.

What services does the Tanners’ Consortium of Ponte a Egola offer its affiliated companies?  

MM: The assistance the Consortium offers its members is complete. We take care of every aspect regarding the promotion of our companies’ products, we assist them with their participation at exhibitions, trade fairs, and do market research. In addition, we act as intermediaries between companies and public administrations, helping them obtain financing and subsidies at all levels: European, national and regional. We are in the forefront of anything related to environmental protection, sustainability, work safety and numerous services targeted to companies. 

Cuoificio Otello sas

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