Piero Rosati – We must not be discouraged by the crisis

Incas is an active company in the tanning industry, and boasts different brands of which the most renowned is undoubtedly Incas, followed by Il Veliero and Italtan.

Incas is nothing more than an acronym for “INiziative Conciarie ASsociate” and we interviewed the CEO Piero Rosati to talk about this thriving company and of the period that the tanning industry is experiencing in general. 

Mr Rosati - as you keep stressing - you have invested significantly in research and development to develop your leading edge brand...

“Exactly. With Incas we only perform natural tanning and, thanks to our research, we have been able to create ‘Hi-Co’: a line of metal-free articles with technical features that will satisfy even the most restrictive markets in terms of environmental friendliness.”

How is this period for the tanning industry in general?

“Up to the second quarter of 2014, the world of Luxury leather products had experienced a steady growth. However, this sector is now slowing down considerably, and consequently the tanning industry is suffering greatly: the contraction in consumer spending inevitably has an effect on our world. The signals were all present: from the Russian crisis to the new Chinese domestic policy of stimulating consumption of Made in China products and not international ones. However, only now, in 2015, are we feeling the effects.”

“Nevertheless, we must not be discouraged: the strengthening of the US dollar can come to our aid and this is definitely a strong incentive for the recovery of consumer spending in countries which use the American currency.”



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