Massimo Marchi – President of the CNA Federmoda Firenze

Despite everything, it is moving

We interviewed Massimo Marchi, President of the CNA Federmoda Firenze, the association that represents and promotes the Small Medium Enterprises of the fashion sector.  


Mr. Marchi, let’s start with a few numbers . . . 

MM: TheCNA Federmoda Firenze brings together about 650 artisan companies, 70% of which are in the leather goods sector. The other sectors the CNA Federmoda Firenze represents are: clothing, textiles, furs, tailoring, footwear, knitwear, costume jewellery and all the professionals in the field of fashion design.

As far as market trends are concerned, albeit that 2014 was unfortunately characterized by a crisis that caused the closure of many artisan workshops, we have however, recorded an increase of 3% in regards to exports. A hint of recovery that gives us confidence and is a sign that, despite the difficulties, the fashion industry is moving.


What are the future activities and objectives of the CNA Federmoda Firenze?

MM: In 2014, we were protagonists, along with other trade associations, of the “Zero Impact Waste” protocol, signed with the municipality of Scandicci. A document that foresees a total re-use of leather goods scraps.

Moreover, we have numerous projects on the go such as the qualification of our leather goods distribution chain with the Region of Tuscany dedicated to sustainability, fairness and transparency. There are also plans for reinforcing relations with schools to attract young people to the artisan trades. Lastly, our promotion work is constant, through agreements with trade fairs and international organizations. We also monitor the training and fashion system notifications offered by the Region of Tuscany.


Massimo Marchi – President of the CNA Federmoda Firenze

Via Luigi Alamanni, 31
50123 Firenze (FI)


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