Franco Baccani

President of the anti-counterfeiting observatory of the chamber of commerce of Florence

The fight against counterfeiting

We are in the heart of luxury leather goods production: the centre of Florentine luxury is known and appreciated in the world for quality and capacity, with room for growth. In this context, our role as the Anti-Counterfeiting Observatory of the Florence Chamber of Commerce in raising consumer awareness of a correct and legal purchase is even more relevant. In fact, our territory is known, above all, for its capabilities: we boast a long tradition of knowing how to do, on which innovation is being introduced. It is a balanced mix that has allowed us to overcome even the most difficult moments, never forgetting where we come from, with our artisan mastery, but also projecting ourselves towards the future, to not fall behind a competition that is now increasingly international and fiercer.

However, in addition to the competition of global markets, there is an even worse “competition” that induces us, daily, to fight a “war”, with the determination and tenacity of those who know that their work runs the risk of being polluted by a “parallel district” capable of working outside of any ethical and economic regulation.

This is why, as the Anti-Counterfeiting Observatory of the Florence Chamber of Commerce, we are working on projects that spread the culture of conscientious purchases to consumers. In particular, we turn to the new generations who are our future. We are carrying on projects and initiatives. The last that we organized involved hundreds of high school students. We are learning a great deal from them, in the language they use and in the approach to the problem. With their help, it is an effort that we will continue even more tenaciously, because we are aware that only by working together will bring the most fruitful results.

Franco Baccani

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