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CARISMI: The Bank with a positive outlook!

Once again, Leather&Luxury met with the General Director of the Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato Alberto Silvano Piacentini who brought us up to speed on Carismi’s balance, news, and projects. 

Mr. Piacentini, at Carismi you talk about the 2014 budget that closed with over a 10 million euro profit, an increase of 56% from 2013: how can this positive data be interpreted? 

ASP: Precisely, a very important result for this bank, which has come from a three-year positive trend, from the growth of financial aggregates to operating results, despite prudent fiscal policies that have led to strong provisions regarding the credit domain.

On the Italian banking scene, we are among the few to have had a positive result. This makes us proud of our work. Our plan for the future is to strengthen our already fruitful relationship with the territory, continuing to look to the future with optimism and with dedication to reaching our objectives.

Is the bank planning on increasing its staff and/or opening new branches in Tuscany?

ASP: Yes, we plan to rationalize our bank counters with the aim of increasing our presence in areas such as Arezzo, Grosseto, Massa and Carrara. We also consider the areas of Lucca and Florence to be strategically important. In 2015, we will open three new branches in Massa, Pietrasanta and Prato.

We also plan to introduce new professional positions in credit brokerage activities to help and strengthen our staff; we are referring to financial promoters.

Furthermore, we have continued to pay close attention to job creation: we confirmed 13 new positions in 2014. 

What is Carismi’s relationship with local SMEs? 

ASP: SMEs are the most common type of company in Italy, and are the strength of this country. Tuscany has a particularly large number of them and they represent a key segment in which we have invested greatly, both in terms of ease of access to credit but especially in terms of the attention we pay to individual needs. We are trying to train staff so that they can speak the same language of entrepreneurs.


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