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The Italian SME research and innovation industrial protection law

The current economic system inevitably imposes Italian SMEs to appeal to various industrial law protection instruments. These SMEs are an expression of the undisputed excellence and appeal of the many Made in Italy manufacturing sectors.

Trademarks, patents, designs and models, domain names, copyright and competition protection have now become an obligatory choice for companies with a modern structure that, through investments in research and innovation, intend to ensure the exclusive benefit of their creative ideas.

In this perspective, a due-diligence of the company’s industrial property is fundamentally important, also in view of an acceptable improvement of the company’s assets.

A competent screening of the company’s industrial property rights, the relevant deadlines, and the necessary renewals is fundamental, not only in the context of effective entrepreneurial planning, but also to detect territorial extension opportunities, which are strategic for a company’s potential internationalization.

A complete assessment of industrial privative is of decisive importance for the use of company assets not only in the context of extra transactions (such as corporate acquisitions, the merger between two companies, etc...), but also for the qualified role that due-diligence in the field of industrial property assumes in the context of bank or private financing requests.

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