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Made in Italy heritage for luxury leather garments

The Florentine Meucci company is an Italian excellence  that was founded in 1914 thanks to the entrepreneurial  foresight of Erneo Meucci.The company  began with a small straw-hat workshop up to becoming an Italian manufacturing company specialized in  Luxury leather and fur garments with a specific expertise  in the processing of materials such as napa  leather, shearling, crocodile, ostrich, python and fur. 

A company that has always been sensitive and responsive  to the evolution of fashion, Meucci has  made research and innovation its focal point, enriching  and constantly updating its product portfolio.

Since 2000, Meucci has dedicated its production  exclusively to the most famous Italian and international  luxury brands.

The close and continuous  collaboration with Gucci gave way to the creation  of Luxury Good Meucci - LGM Srl in September  2014, a joint venture between the Meucci family  and the Kering Group whose main goal is to create  a long-lasting successful relationship.

The merger  with Kering is a new but not a random chapter in the Meucci company history, which aims to enhance  and develop technical expertise, and research  and development with considerable investments to  guarantee a constantly innovative product that preserves  unique artisan qualities.

A relationship that  aims to establish synergies with other assets of the  group to bring Meucci to the next stage of its development:  the continuation of research on materials,  workmanship, customer service, and a varied product  type and category portfolio of its distinctive  elements, thus strengthening its position as a leader  and point of reference in the sector.

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