France Croco

French Tanning Excellence of precious luxury skins

Founded in 1974 by Jacques Lewkowicz, France  Croco is one of the world’s most prominent  tanneries, specializing in exotic leathers of the  highest quality and innovation standards.

Located  in Normandy in the town of Périers, France Croco created its core business around the supply,  tanning, and processing of crocodile, lizard and  ostrich skins.

Over the years, it has secured the best raw leathers available worldwide in terms of quality.

The continuous almost maniacal attention paid to  selecting skins and researching innovative processes  have placed France Croco in the exclusive circle  of the best companies in the sector.

Its unique  expertise enables it to offer the widest range of finishes on the crocodile skin market. These skins  are highly appreciated by the most prestigious  Italian, French, and Swiss fashion and accessory  designers.

Run by Dan Lewkowicz, the founder’s  son, the company joined the Kering group in  March 2013. The merger with the French fashion giant aims to protect and preserve this precious  expertise and to create a new considerably larger  production plant with the best in class, technology,  and environmental qualities.

The latter in particular  is an aspect that both the Kering group and France   Croco have always been very sensitive to and active  both in terms of sustainable development and in  terms of protection of the species.

France Croco

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