The art of florentine leather

CAF is an artisanal company in Scarperia specialized in the production of leather gift items. The cornerstones on which its work is based are the proven experience of master artisan and founder Vasco Capanni and the dynamic entrepreneurship of his son Fabio.

The company's vast collection of samples includes traditional items as well as new styles, the result of an ongoing creative and productive commitment.

The manufacturing process of the products is carried out, today as yesterday, with completely manual techniques for high-level artisanship. Everything in the CAF workshop has remained as it was fifty years ago: tools, smells, unmistakable sounds. The skin is still hand stripped with a knife, there are no seams, the leather is shaped by bending and beating it by hand on its last, and then cold glued with vegetal materials, on wet leather.

The natural glue becomes one with the raw material, becoming inseparable. The colours, all natural pigments, produce different shades from piece to piece during the dyeing process, making each one unique. All these stages compose the artisanship of the Florentine “Cuoietto”, not to be confused with leather production. Vasco and Fabio Capanni are among the few left as its interpreters and custodians.

The ‘tacco’ coin holder and the elegant pocket cigar case are among their most appreciated products, the true jewels of the CAF collection. Two products – one manifesto of artisan excellence. 



Via della giustizia 7
50038 Scarperia (FI)
Tel +39.055.846619


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