Deltacque srl

Custom-built purification system

Deltacque Srl is a Tuscan company with 35 years of experience in the wastewater purification industry, and focuses on the design, creation, and maintenance of complete system s to meet any  need.

Mr. Roberto Lupo, a trained tannery chemist, and owner and founder of the company, established Deltacque right in the heart of the tanning district of Santa Croce sull’Arno.

A logistical proximity that has produced a very advantageous synergy, developing
important results in terms of environmental impact and refining the purification techniques of residual  wastewater from tanneries.

“The corporate philosophy focuses on building a close relationship with the client” – says Mr. Lupo – “our main characteristic is to design purification  systems based on our know-how and on the individual needs of our clients, enabling them  to recover their investment with the reduction of  operating costs.

An extreme attention to both the technical/environmental aspect as well as the economic one, which our clients particularly  appreciate.”

Deltacque is now an internationally affirmed reality.

70% of the company’s markets of reference are outside of Europe, especially in Russia, Brazil, Mexico, China and Africa.The remaining 30% are European clients, half of which are Italian.

“The most important client to have installedour purifying technology is the AQUARNO CONSORTIUM, whose purification system treats  the wastewater of the tanneries in the Leather District, with the potential to treat 33,000 cubic  metres/day.”

Deltacque srl

Via San Tommaso, 135
56029 Santa croce sull'arno (PI)
Tel +39.0571.360727


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