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Training the tanners of tomorrow

L&L met with Domenico Castiello, the Director of the Polo Tecnologico Conciario (POTECO), based in Santa Croce sull’Arno (PI) - Via San Tommaso

Mr. Castiello, when and how was the Polo Tecnologico  Conciario established?

«POTECO (www.polotecnologico.com) was founded in 2001 thanks to entrepreneur tanners in the district who have always been aware of the  importance in equipping the tanneries with technological support to ensure growth from a scientific and research perspective, in addition to the need for specific studies for leather industry professionals.

In the training context, the collaboration with the University of Pisa is fundamental for POTECO, as is the technical/professional course of study in tanning chemistry at the Istituto Tecnico Cattaneo  of San Miniato».

How would you describe the training aspect of  POTECO?

«On average, these courses have a placement of  80%, with jobs often offered to students during the classroom phase.

Research, technological innovation and training for the leather industry are the sought-after choices at the Polo Tecnologico Conciario, which assists companies operating in the “leather” sector by putting human and technological resources at their disposal.

POTECO has a state-of-the-art tannery, with all the equipment necessary for wet processing and leather finishing, laboratories for monitoring performance and ecotoxicology of the finished product, and analytical  laboratories to assess sewage and industrial waste.

Furthermore, a new area is near completion where POTECO will have an experimental conveyor where the processing and assembly of footwear can be  replicated».


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