Textile & Embroidery

Texpol srl

Coated fabrics par excellence

Via prato 76
Montemurlo (PO)

A Tuscan company, Texpol Srl is a leader in the processing of polyurethane coated fabrics for third parties, destined to different sectors: clothing, furnishings, leather goods and footwear.

“The crisis has made us stronger, more flexible; there is an awareness of being equipped to aim for a high-end clientele. Textile dealers and manufacturers whose reference is the luxury market, that Made in Italy which asserts itself worldwide” - states the company’s director.

Many are the strengths that determine the high quality of Texpol products such as: extremely precise processing, a high level of productive organization, a vast product competence, valuable expertise of its highly qualified staff and, last but not least, a remarkable efficiency in meeting client needs before, during, and after sales.

Texpol Srl is a technologically advanced company, with means, materials and types of processing dedicated to research and innovation.

All these elements make Texpol Srl one of the most reliable and sought-after fabric coating manufacturers.