Colibri srl

Leather finishing and staining

Ahead of the trends

Colibrì Srl is a finishing company that carries out staining, even hand sprayed, for both leathers from tanneries and for finished leather goods.

Well positioned, at the forefront and capable of anticipating trends: Colibrì Srl, is a company which, thanks to the experience of its owner Nicola Falcone and its specialized staff, is always two seasons ahead of the market.

This is not just a slogan but also a concrete fact. The company relocated in September 2017 and now has a completely renovated larger plant with a showroom dedicated to its prestigious clients. Therefore, the new production organization is streamlined and optimized to offer an increasingly better performance.

As far as the trends are concerned, the proposed designs are countless. In addition to the new camouflage designs, the Colibrì Srl style office is in line with the market trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer season and has developed exclusive geometric and floral designs in summery and bright colours such as green, orange, and violet.

Inventiveness and intuition for the new proposals: these are the characteristics that have made Colibrì Srl a point of reference in the sector, in the wake of Made in Italy.

Colibri srl

Vicolo Molise, 1
56029 Santa croce sull'Arno (PI)
Tel +39.0571.459111