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Goodyear insoles par exellence

Three partners with extensive experience in the footwear  industry founded Suolificio Prisma in 1992 in Fucecchio (FI).

This company has a purely artisanal vocation and specializes in the production of insoles for shoes with Goodyear seams, a niche product that interests the segment of luxury footwear and the military footwear sector.

As it is well known, the insole is the essential basis of the Goodyear construction: the upper and welt are sewn to it and the sole is then sewn to the welt.

This is the reason why the primary requisite of the insole must be durability.

During its many years of  experience, Suolificio Prisma has identified various  types of leather that are truly reliable from this point  of view.

In recent years, the Goodyear process has been  included in the footwear collections of high-end shoes for its unique characteristics of comfort, flexibility,  softness and durability.

Suolificio Prisma can handle the entire production cycle, stocking absolutely Made in Italy vegetable leathers that are special and suitable for every specific  type of insole.

This allows for the best result  possible and meets the clients’ requirements for  strength and flexibility or softness.

Suolificio Prisma Srl

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