Suolificio Ars Suola srl

Outstanding soles for women footwear

The Suolifi cio Ars Suola is an artisanal company in  the manufacturing district of Pisa and is specialized  in the production of soles for women’s footwear of  the highest quality.

Founded in 1965 by Mr. Vincenti  Tripoli in Castelfranco di Sotto, the company  moved to nearby Montopoli, with the perspective  of constant development that has characterized
it especially over the past decade. Currently,  Sergio Buggiani with his son Daniele and Sergio  Bertini, the founder’s grandson, run the Suolificio  Ars Suola.

Since the dawn of the twenty-fi rst century,  Ars Suola has experienced profound changes,  primarily thanks to investments on state-of-the-art  machinery: pantographs for still modelling and general  work on the soles, special machining lasers,  and CNC machinery.

Technology at the service of  artisanship, a mix of skills that complete the many  services offered by Suolifi cio Ars Suola: in-housemodelling with CAD systems, creation of samples  in a very short time, precision work, quick deliveries  and 360°customer service.

Among the various products:  Louis XV style, Jordan soles, and exclusive  processes that emphasize the elegance of women’s

Outstanding soles, a true symbol of Made  in Italy.

Suolificio Ars Suola srl

Via Barsanti, 12/14
56020 Montopoli (PI)
Tel +39.0571.467653


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