Tacchificio plastacco

Innovation and tradition

Tradition and innovation come together. They  complete one another.

All this has created a unique  fusion at this company that was founded over half  a century ago, in 1962. A company that now looks  to the future with particular optimism thanks to its  solid foundations from the past.

From wood working machinery to the most modern
technologies, from old wood and cork production
to contemporary heels, wedges and platforms  made of polystyrene, polyurethane, ABS and  polymer: the evolution of the Tacchifi cio Plastacco  crosses fi fty years of history, materials and satisfi ed  clients.

Today, the Plastacco company is run by Gianna  Castaldi and Valerio Cerri, who have known how to
innovate without disrupting the company founded
by Mario and Giovanni Castaldi, leaving room to
technology while keeping a careful eye on tradition.

A company with its own modelling department,  whose production is entirely done in-house, always
ready to satisfy its clients’ requests.

Because this  is one of the many strengths of the tacchificio  Plastacco: creating a relationship of extreme trust  with its clientele, from prices to prompt deliveries.


Tacchificio plastacco

Via Don Botti, 22/30
56022 Castelfranco di sotto (PI)
Tel +39.0571.47246
Web www.plastacco.it


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