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The evolution of made in Tuscany sneakers

Paolo Bindi, owner of the historic Calzaturificio Victor of Cerreto Guidi (FI), talks about the strategies,  philosophy and strengths of his company, which  has been a point of reference in the industry since  the 1960s.

Mr. Bindi, talk to us about Calzaturificio Victor...
PB: Ours is a company of tradition that has many clients in the Luxury market, whose loyalty we have  fostered for many decades.

Here at Cerreto Guidi,  in the heart of the footwear district, we have two  separate plants where we produce about 120,000 pairs of shoes per year.

Our strength is the expertise  of over eighty employees (in total for both plants),  a specialized staff thanks to which we are able to
carry out each shoe processing phase in-house:  from leather cutting to delivery along with the  creation of models, which is taken care of by my  daughter Federica.

My other daughter, Francesca,  is in charge of the commercial sector and manages  client relations.

What type of production can you carry out?
PB: Over the years, we have differentiated and  varied the types of items we produce and offer to our  clients. In recent years, besides classic shoes, using  Goodyear, Norwegian, and vintage processing, a  signifi cant slice of our production (about 30% of   the annual total) is represented by Sneakers for  which we have developed special measures.

It is  a necessity born from market demand. All of the fashion brands that produce shoes also have a line  of sneakers in their collections. We have become  part of this trend by offering our vast “Made in  Tuscany” expertise obtained from the  production  of classic shoes, and we strive to create a high  quality for each type of this particular article in fine  leathers, and leather and technical material inserts  that are always tuned-in to the new market trends.

Calzaturificio Victor srl

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