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Platepress 2800:the new press frontier

SC Costruzioni Meccaniche has expanded its range of distension annealing treatment presses with   increased stress resistance, thanks to the new Platepress 2800.

This machine maintains the characteristics of safety and ergonomics of use, typical of smaller versions and, in addition to the standard market features, boasts various innovative solutions,  aimed at operator safety and comfort.

A characteristic of this press is the combination of tease of use and work speed, which thanks to its pedal  control, enables the operator to have both hands free to hold and  stretch the skins.

The new version, with a 2800-ton  thrust, also boasts  a completely soundproofed  power unit, which is separate  from the machine body.
Among its many constructive features, the Platepress 2800 includes:  

- A pneumatically fixed printing  plate, to facilitate  the quick change of different  designs;

- a  4-port suction system for the steam released during the imprinting  of damp hides;

- a 10” colour touch-screen interface,to visualize, control and regulate all of the working  parameters;

- a frontal hand protection device with  double barrier for maximum operator safety.

This  latest system - an exclusive patent of SC Costruzioni  Meccaniche - allows for an approximate 10 cm reduction of the wooden table overhang.

This permits  the operator to get as close as possible to the  centre of the machine in order to spread the folds  of the hides before printing, with a fast detachment  of the hides from the plate when the impression is complete.


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