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Platepress 2800: The new hydraulic press for printing and ironing

SC Costruzioni Meccaniche expands its range of presses for printing and ironing with the new Platepress 2800, which maintains the safety and ergonomics of the smaller versions, but introduces innovative solutions for the operator’s greater safety and comfort.

The Platepress 2800 has a touch-screen interface and is designed for remote assistance via SIM card. The presence of optoelectronic barriers, automatic descent (SC patent) physical barriers, and lateral protections with electrosensitive edges (SC patent) are among its characteristics: this system reduces the front and rear projection of the wooden tables by about 10 centimetres.

The pneumatic fastening of the printing plate also allows a fast centering of the new plate with respect to the top heating surface.

There is also a 4-port vapour/smoke suction device for the processing of damp leathers.

Ease and speed of work are one of its distinct characteristics, also thanks to the pedal control that allows the operator to have both hands free to stretch the leather.

The machine can be connected to a management system for the computerization of data in tune with 4.0 industry projects.


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