Fustellificio MG

The star of leather production

The history of Fustellificio MG Certaldo (FI) began  in   1998 when Giovanni Sarandria and Massimo  Boschini decided to set up their own business after  thirteen years spent perfecting the cutting die trade  as factory workers.

This Tuscan company manufactures and sells every  type and form of die for cutting leather and other  materials to create handbags, shoes, belts, gloves,  saddles, cases, upholstery and accessories for cars and boats, gaskets, f  urnishings and leather  products in general.

«We use the best steel available on the Europeanmarket – says Giovanni Sarandria - and, with the  development of computerized models with CAD  systems, we can create any type of die, offering personalized service to satisfy every client’s need. »

Cutting die companies are a fundamental link in  the leather production chain and, over the years,  have experienced an important technological  development.

Giovanni Sarandria explains how:  « In our profession, technology is very important  because it shortens processing times.

Some phases  such as folding and dragging are still done by hand just like workers used to do in the post-war period,  while the cutting and finishing phases are now  completely automated. »

Fustellificio MG serves an important client  portfolio, acquired over the years thanks to its  professionalism, quality of workmanship and  continuous technological research aimed at
improving the company’s services.

Fustellificio MG

Via Liguria,5
50052 Certaldo (FI)
Tel +39.0571.664284
Web www.fustellificiomg.com


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