Fustellatura ellesse

Fabric and leather cutting

Precision cutting, par exellence

Fustellatura Elleesse, a start-up company based in  Agliana (PT) and founded in 2013, specializes in  precision cutting primarily of fabrics destined for  the automotive sector.

A team of four highly specialized  personnel collaborates with the company’s  founder Luca Simonetti, an expert technician in this

There are essentially two cutting processes done at  Mr. simonetti’s company.

One type is nested piece  cutting with video cameras. Via optical recognition,  a vibrating blade cuts the decorations on the fabric:
logos, patterns, textures etc.

The other type is  the classic cut with fl at dies.

From the CAD design  to industrial cutting: Fustellaura ELLEESSE offers a  full-scale service.


Fustellatura ellesse

Via Ugo Foscolo, 67
51031 Agliana (PT)
Tel +39.0574.1820263
Web www.fustellaturaelleesse.onweb.it


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