Lanificio Bigagli Spa

The Hi-Tech made in italy wool mill

The Lanificio Bigagli company was founded in 1973 in Montemurlo (PO), and is now one of the Prato  district’s most advanced textile sector companies.

The company’s core business is its in-house production of felt and fabric for the footwear, leather  goods, and clothing sectors to be used for any type of application.

 The Lanificio Bigagli business partners say, “Innovation is Lanificio Bigagli’s key word to success. This  is followed by the development and patenting of materials for production lines of non-woven fabric,  latex laminating lines, reactive polyurethane, and waterproof and antibacterial finishes. Furthermore,  textile fibres with a reduced environmental impact are being studied and developed, in particular, the  felt series made from PET flakes that come from recycled plastic bottles, already being sold for two


Over the years, the precious expertise acquired and developed by the company, combined with  substantial investments in increasingly advanced technologies, have made Lanificio Bigagli an evolved  and hyper-competitive company on the market.

Currently, the Montemurlo site employs about fifty specialized workers, in an area of 10,000 square  metres. Driven by environmental responsibility, the production site has been equipped with a photovoltaic  system since 2011. It produces about 50% of the wool mill’s energy requirements, which result  in savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

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