Officina Meccanica Taddei

Machinery and technical assistance for the tanning induStry

UNIMATIK: maximum output, minimum space

Officina Meccanica Taddei offers a wide range of machinery under its own UNIMATIK brand in its 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 kg shaved weight models for re-tanning, dying and fatliquoring of the skins.

The machines are in stainless steel and consist of a static external barrel and an internal rotating basket divided into three compartments. Substituting traditional drum tumblers with UNIMATIK machinery offers many advantages: they are technological, innovative and safe, but above all, favourable to the environment, as the discharged wastewater has a minimal environmental impact, thanks to the drainage and recycling of the bath water, which maintains a constant temperature.

The new UNIMATIK machines are managed by a PLC and touch screen, which enable the operator to automate the processing times thus reducing energy consumption: the vector inverter for controlling the internal basket’s rotation and ramp speed together with the electronic “braking resistance” lead to considerable energy savings.


Officina Meccanica Taddei

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