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Constantly improving today's endeavours

When the passion for one’s  work encounters a carefully organized company at the  forefront, the results that  emerge are extraordinary:  this is the history of Pelletteria  Frassineti, a company  founded in 1964 in a small  workshop, which has now become a large company in  constant growth.

Mr. Francesco Frassineti  is  the  owner  of  the  leather goods company  that bears his name – Frassineti  Srl. 2007 was the turning  point  for the  company’s  business strategies which,  following the market changes,  were  transformed  to  offer  its  clients  an increasingly  complete and personalized service, such  as the modelling department where highly qualified  technicians work supported  by  modern  development  and design systems, or like the internal  logistics department.

Moreover, having adopted streamlined processes following the Linne production model, this makes  the  completion  of  production  lots with an increasingly reduced variability possible, but with extremely high quality in accurate  times.

Francesco Frassineti explains: “Our staff  is made up of about 60 people. We are dedicated  to projects that involve the perfection and excellence  of workmanship, niche brands that require maximum assistance at the sample design phase.  

We offer all our expertise to improving the quality  of our services day after day. Bearing this in mind,  we set up an in-house department dedicated to  the development and production of small fine collections. We have also implemented a commercial  area, managed by my daughter Gaia, in which we constantly invest in technological and human resources.”

But  what  is  Mr. Frassineti’s  true  pride?  He  says,  “My motto is: We must constantly improve today’s endeavours. A philosophy that has always  guided me and that I am proud of.”

Frassineti srl

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