Fabiani Pelletterie

Classic but never ordinary belts

“Perfection, especially in the world of leather, is a utopia: nonetheless we aim for perfection.”

The path to being a point of reference in the leather  industry is clear to Fabiani Pelletterie: it has a long   and full tradition, trying to achieve the highest  quality in every product.

In the world of leather, the Fabiani family history can  be traced back to 1838, more than a century and  a half ago: a relationship that has remained solid  with the family business specialized in belts, which  has, in recent years, diversiļ¬ ed its production, also  targeted to producing shoulder straps for bags.

The company’s workmanship is done entirely inhouse  and this choice has produced a double  advantage: on the one hand, it has optimized  everything regarding the quality/price ratio of the  product, while on the other hand, it has provided   the company with the opportunity to follow any   changes required in the customization of a product  directly.

Elegant belts that do not disdain winking at sportier  styles; leather belts that are classic but never   ordinary. Belts that pay homage to country music,
horse riding, and golf, while holding on to their  distinctive traditional features. All in the name of a  single objective: quality.

Fabiani Pelletterie

Via Giulio Natta, 26
52025 Montevarchi (AR)
Tel + 39.055.9199571
Web www.fabianicinture.it


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