Tisses by Banelli

Textile manufacturing


Beyond the limits of fabric

TISSES by Banelli Srl is a company that sets itself apart for the personalization of fabrics and service according to its clients’ ideas and needs.

As textile “producers”, our collections are in fact a starting point because the exchange of ideas and views with clients represent our day-to-day activity without ever losing sight of innovation.

TISSES presents nished and seminished fabrics for shoes, bags and accessories, distinguished by high standards of colouring, treatments and nishing, all supported by modern, latest generation machinery.

Every fabric tells a story, never an end in itself, and never disconnected from respect for the environment and the consumer. Moreover, TISSES proposes the perfect fusion between fashion and nature with fabrics in hemp, linen, cotton and jute.

To this, we add the use of natural colouring derived from plants, owers, and roots with colour ranges and dimensions that surpass the horizon and the concreteness of Renaissance art.

Once again, TISSES proposes the uniqueness of the product.

Tisses by Banelli

Via del Molinuzzo 63/1
59100 Prato (PO)
Tel +39.0574.627175
Email tisses@banelli.it
Web www.tisses.it