Braschi Pelle

Luxury affability

Braschi Pelle, a company in Scandicci, was founded in 1988 and was initially a specialized cutting and  preparation provider for the leather industry.

Over the years, the company, run by Marco Braschi  the owner, became equipped to provide its clients  with a range of increasingly extensive and highly  specialized services.

Now, the product here is followed from start to finish  from the prototype to the packing and shipment.
80% of the phases is done in-house, while the rest is entrusted to exclusively Italian subcontractors to  guarantee a 100% genuine ‘Made in Italy’ product.

Particular attention is paid to the modelling department,  the  strategic  section  where  the creative  projects  and models that designers progressively  propose are developed.  

In this light, Braschi Pelle is suitably equipped from  a technological point of view, using an AutoCAD  with plotter system to offer an evolved, efficient,  and competitive service.

From a manufacturing point of view, specifically cutting, the company expresses an expertise that achieves very demanding processes from a technical point  of  view,  such as working raw edges with  colored ribs, for example.

Thanks to these credentials, the luxury market is the  Braschi company’s reference, for which it produces  small leather goods and travel folders. In October 2014, Braschi Pelle moved into a larger and more  functional structure, just outside Scandicci.  Here, eleven specialized staff have the best technology  in  the  sector  at  their  disposal  in  order  to  keep  the  quality  standards of  production  high  and  consistent.

Having  seen your performance, what is the true  excellence of this Florentine company? Marco Braschi  answers:

“If  we make a commitment with the  client, we always complete it.  We only accept work that we can finish, just out of respect towards our clients.”

Braschi Pelle

Via Montepulciano, 7/11
50142 Firenze (FI)
Tel +39.055.7310453


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