Bruno Rossi Bags

Calfskin leather bags for women and men

The bag artisans 


Producing bags bearing your own label in 2023‭ ‬and not being one of the usual names on the Luxury market seems a feat for few‭. ‬One of those that has been succeeding for fifty years is Bruno Rossi Bags‭, ‬an artisan leather goods company in Fucecchio‭ (‬FI‭) ‬that‭, ‬since 1973‭, ‬has been producing bags bearing the company’s name and have been distributed in hundreds of multi-brand boutiques all over the world‭: ‬‮«‬Our markets of reference are Italy‭, ‬Japan‭, ‬France‭, ‬Spain‭, ‬Russia‭, ‬and the Ukraine‭ - ‬say the owners‭ - ‬We have our own loyal network of clients that we manage to keep‭ ‬strong despite all the difficulties of the moment‭.


‬The production includes a wide range of bags‭, ‬which meet the most diverse needs in terms of style and comfort for women‭, ‬men‭, ‬and unisex‭. ‬From backpacks to bags in various sizes with pockets and zippers‭, ‬from handbags to shoulder bags in calfskin‭, ‬nappa calfskin‭, ‬mixed-tanned calfskin with a sporty-vintage effect combined with other materials according to market trends‭. ‬The exceptional quality of the calfskin leather that the company carefully selects‭, ‬combined with the creativity of the cut‭, ‬and the assortment of colours makes this Tuscan brand one of the most appreciated on the market‭.‬

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