Pelletteria Nab

A rising path

Pelletteria Nab is a company that was founded in  Montespertoli (FI) in 1987 thanks to an idea and  passion of Fabrizio Abati and Stefania Nesi, a husband  and wife team.

Right  from the start, Pelletteria Nab established  working relationships with prestigious brands for  the production of high quality Made in Italy leather  goods.

To this day, the company’s expertise is based on  tertiary work for the fashion brands. A dimension  aimed at respecting the best of artisan tradition.

This has been an important journey whose continuity  is  now guaranteed  by  the  presence  of  Alice  and  Chiara,  the founders’ daughters.

An extremely specialized in-house staff offers a  complete 360-degree service, from the development  of  models  to  the packaging  of  the  finished  product.  

The  continuous  search  to  improve  working  processes  is necessary to ensure that the client receives  the maximum product quality.

This also leads to  important  investments on technological innovation,  adopting state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. Moreover, Pelletteria Nab also takes care of every  aspect  of  its activity  in  detail,  in  order  to  remain  updated  about every regulation.

Launching its own line of high-quality handbags  made with refi ned materials is among future  projects.

An intriguing challenge, which will allow  the  company  to  further test  its  own   important know-how.




Pelletteria Nab

Via Sodole, 40
50025 Montespertoli (FI)
Tel +39.0571.609695


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