Pelletteria Life

Women's courage

A women’s company that has known how to evolve  over the years, continuing to invest, without ever  stopping: we are talking about Pelletteria Life, a  luxury goods manufacturer that has continued to  produce the highest quality products for almost  twenty years.

It was 1995, in fact, when Patrizia Coppi and Paola  Stopponi, strong with their experience in the world  of leather, decided to set up their own business,  founding what to this day continues to be a  successful company.

Pelletteria Life is a story of courage and women’s  entrepreneurship; a completely ‘pink’ company,  with an over twenty all-woman workforce. A
company specialized in the production of highquality  bags, for both the men and women’s  line.  From  its  original  small   artisan  workshop,  Pelletteria  Life has grown, with a working space that has  even doubled over the past year.

A continuous  investment, which has never stopped, not even  during the economic crisis.  

“We have always tried to evolve, even when the  economic period was not the most fl ourishing.”    says Paola Stopponi, one of the two owners and
founders of the company.

“To overcome the  crisis we decided to cut the costs that seemed  unnecessary, without infringing on the evolution of our company, continuing to invest on highly  specialized personnel and quality artisanship.”  

Pelletteria Life represents the courage to invest, and  is a women’s dream come true: notable attention to  detail and a very high-quality production where you  can caress and touch the excellent workmanship.  

Pelletteria Life

Via Leo Valiani 9
52021 Levane- Bucine (AR)
Tel +39.055.9180633


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