Paoletti Tessuti

Production of decorated and solid fabrics for leather goods, footwear, furnishing and clothing

The Substance of a Great Company

The history of the Paoletti Tessuti company dates back many years when, in the 1970s, Adolfo Paoletti appeared on the textile market scene.

Since then, the company’s journey has been constant and unrelenting: a position that was consolidated over the years until 2000, when the company entered into its second generation with Andrea Paoletti.

Now, Paoletti Tessuti produces textiles, decorated and plain, for the leather goods, footwear, furnishing and clothing sectors.

The range of items spans from the production of customized jacquard linings, interwoven and raffia articles, and solid coloured and designed fabrics in natural fibres such as cotton, linen, wool and their blends with nylon and polyester.

Another service that the company offers is the creation of customized prints starting from the company’s fabric resources.

Recently, Paoletti Tessuti has developed a new line of fabrics: the “P.Move” dedicated to the technical and sporting sectors that include “netting” also available in lamé as well as “quilting” in fabric and faux leather.

From threads to textiles: a process that is developed entirely in-house, with a careful design and production schedule, with high quality finishing processes.

Strong points: flexibility, the ability to cater to every client need - the quality/price ratio and the time involved in the design and production of samples as well as a high aesthetic value.

Paoletti Tessuti collaborates with some of the most important international fashion brands, always proposing creativity and innovation, standing out for its service and for the quality of its processes, a sign of a meticulous production completely Made in Italy.

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